Data-Driven Manufacturing

Data-driven manufacturing implies that decisions controlling the manufacturing process should be based on facts, not guesses, wishes, theories or opinions. Emerging technology is enabling both people and equipment to collect and process the facts they need to achieve better results. Driving manufacturing with data promotes integration and coherence across manufacturing organizations throughout the supply chain. 

A milling tool moves to engage the fan-like blade of a bladed disk, or blisk, during CNC machining operations that leverage 5G to compensate for chatter (a form of vibration) in near real time.

Talk About 5G Is No Idle Chatter

Near-real-time machining vibration compensation is just one advantage of the latest networking technology.

Using AI for Predictive Maintenance, Employee Development

Maximo from IBM Watson can use "true AI" software to implement predictive maintenance and AR-assisted repair using the sensors that come standard on CNC machine tools.
New Product Announcements

GF Machining Solutions' rConnect Dasboard Collects, Compares Shop Data

GF Machining Solutions has introduced rConnect, a digital services platform powered by Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) protocol.

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